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Drawn from my dreamscapes and religious journey, my work explores spiritual experiences emerging through color, form, and light. My paintings communicate an ethereal space between the natural and the supernatural. These supernatural dream spaces challenge the human psyche by opening a window to the metaphysical world. Though abstract in expression, my works take on a cloud-like dream nature. I consider my practice to be a spiritual language of creating in which I evolve the religious experience beyond the four walls of the church. My work explores themes of Christianity, light, redemption, hope, joy, and grace. I believe my work encounters the beauty & chaos of life while maintaining light & peace through the gradients of color. Being spiritually present in the process is just as necessary in its meaning as the final experience in my work. Using gestural color fields, my work invites the viewer into an otherwordly space. These windows to the mind become portals to your spirit. Rooted in the idea of a Creator and the reflection of transcendence, I create visual experiences to impact lives “one canvas at a time.” Influenced by the work of Mark Rothko and Makoto Fujimura, I see color as a spiritual agent.

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